The Bandit Song

There’s a uniform that’s hangin in what’s known as the Bandit room
A banner that’s so simple in its style
It’s got no braid of gold, no silk, no fancy feathered plume
Just a fearsome skull and brazen ivory smile
Then came the day I became a Bandit tried and trueI
knew that I’d never be the same
And when I stood behind the flag as now I often doI felt a pride that words could not explain

We wear the broad black smile, and it marks us as the best
Soldiers ready both for fightin’ and for fun
With coal black eyes glaring through smoke and dust
We never rest until the mission’s done
A Bandit skull, with its smile so big and strong
And a fleet of tanks just waitin’ for the call(But not for long!)
And if tyrants test our freedom
Then the tanks that roll to meet’em will wear the
Broad Bandit smile of the Bandit skull

It was the symbol worn by other Bandits in another time
Who fought for freedom’s cause on Europe’s shore
Through the hedges of the Bocage and Seigfried’s mighty line
Duty’s call meant Bandits to fore
Now since the truce and treaty and the mending of the ways
We wear it when we roll out with the rest(And the best!)
And if we get the call to arms then freedom’s price we’ll pay
They’ll know us by the smile on our crest

Lyrics: R. Brandenburg,  C. Ballard , M. Dempsey

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