Naval Unit Commendation


On 6 November 2008, the Secretary of the Navy recognized the valor of TF 1-37 AR “The Bandits” and the rest of the Ready First Combat Team and I MEF (FWD) by awarding us the Naval Unit Commendation. DA Orders authorizing the wear of the NUC published 20 July 2009

Note: 2/1AD units and selected others were NOT authorized the award because of a Army Meritorious Unit award given 2/1 AD for the same period of service.

Received from then BG MacFarland 9 FEB 2009…"All,Wanted to make sure you all knew that SECNAV approved the Naval Unit Commendation (equivalent to the Army's Valorous Unit Award) for all of your units which served as part of I MEF (FWD). I will send you three separate emails with the actual award in pdf format. Request you facilitate widest dissemination. This applies to all units task organized under IAW the attached list of units, to include 2 BCT/28 ID, TF 4-14 CAV, TF 1-36 IN, 321 ENGR, 54 ENGR to include numerous troops, companies, batteries, detachments and platoons. I will take the lead for working with Army G1 to ensure this SECNAV order is posted by HRC among other unit awards. I will also ask I MEF to coordinate unit presentations for those units here at Ft. Bliss, TX (1/1 AD and 1-77 AR). I'll also engage AAFES to see about getting the NUC stocked in Military Clothing Sales Stores at Army posts worldwide. Stand by for three more emails. Congratulations to you all on a job well done and thank you once again for your leadership in this decisive battle."

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