The Bandit Creed

Doing the harder right over the easier wrong
The courage to do what’s right in the absence of guidance
Set the standard, accept nothing less
“Decisive in Battle” will be my war cry

Bandits never quit
Defeat or failure is not an option
Training will be our focus and battle our test – we will not fail in either one
Fighting to the end – I will aggressively execute my CDR’s intent

Bandits are a brotherhood that works toward a common goal
Honorable service to my unit and comrades – Never quit and never fail
Standing by members of the BN – defending what is right and just
America and its citizens believe in me – I will not violate that trust
Service to my country is my motivation – I am prepared for war and ready to carry America’s flag to those who question the nation’s resolve

The battlefields of the enemy will feel my fury and tremble below my tank
No enemy can withstand my attack or penetrate my defense
Bold and assertive in the face of all forms of adversity
We are not afraid to break from traditional techniques and adapt to the chaos of war

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